BCCC Kicks off this Weekend!

The Jewson D-Max Rally Team are currently preparing for the first round of the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship (BCCC), that will kick start this weekend over the 11th and 12th April. Round one of the Championship will begin in Myherin, mid Wales, commonly known as “Pikes Peak”.

The challenging course is situated amongst a wind farm at the very top of Myherin Forest. The 6-7 mile course is made up of a mixture of rough gravel tracks and bumpy cross-country trails in the midst of a large forestry complex.

A wild mixture of tough terrains, dramatic drops and twisting cross-country sections makes the course a challenging start to the season. From the beginning, “Pikes Peak” runs 1,000 feet down the hill before climbing up again to the finish line and rally headquarters.

The weather can be completely unpredictable, drivers in the past have experienced a complete assortment of weather including snow, hailstones, extreme wet, misty conditions and even a spot of sunshine. However the ground is exceptionally resistant in handling severe weather due to its firm, non-degradable composition.

Once again this year Jason Sharpe will be behind the wheel of the Isuzu D-Max rally truck. It has recently been announced that his nephew Russell Sharpe will not be accompanying him as co-driver this year, but it will be Isuzu Product Manager, Richard Lester in the passenger seat.

Good luck guys!