How Hire Purchase (HP) Works

What is Hire Purchase (HP)?

Hire Purchase is a simple way to get behind the wheel of a brand new Jaguar. You make simple, regular payments and it is the most affordable route to owning your car at the end of the term.

There is a lot of flexibility with Hire Purchase, as you choose the level of deposit you want to pay and how long you want the agreement to be – usually between 12 and 60 months. You then make monthly payments to pay off the remaining balance plus interest. Once you have paid the full balance, you will be the owner of the Jaguar of your choice.

Hire Purchase is also beneficial to business users, as interest charges may be claimable against tax. You can also write down a proportion of the car’s value against your profits –because the car counts as an asset on your balance sheet.

Whether you are a private buyer or a business, get in touch with Roger Young Jaguar in Saltash today on 01752 907 544 to discuss your Hire Purchase options.

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