Cattle Handling Equipment in Saltash, Cornwall

The Nugent family can claim over 25 years in the use and development of Cattle Handling Equipment, which has resulted in the flexible and extensive product range we have today, including Cattle Crushes, Cattle Races, Crush Gates and Hooftrimming Crushes.

The Nugent Cattle Handling Range has been developed to suit the demanding Irish breeds so boast robust construction for heavier handling, designed to last.

As leaders in the market Nugent Engineering has invested heavily in research and development and has brought to the market a new generation of versatile, robust, heavy duty crush systems, providing good access for safe handling and reduced stress on both livestock and handler.

To discuss your requirements please call Geoff on 01752 844175.

Nugent Cattle Handling Crush
Universal 2100
Nugent Cattle Crush
Universal 2000
Nugent Hoof Trim Crush
Hoof Trimming Crush