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Range Rover Classic Restoration Blog

Welcome the very first installment of our Range Rover Classic blog, where you will be able to follow the journey of an iconic 2-door Range Rover as the team at Roger Young bring her back to full working order.

The Range Rover Classic is a luxury 4x4 which was produced by Land Rover between 1970 and 1996, dubbed as ‘A CAR FOR ALL REASONS’, it was the first generation of vehicles produced under the Range Rover name. Early Range Rover models where only available in a 2-door style until 1981, after which a 4-door model became available.

Vehicle Specification

  • Registration: ECV 950K
  • Exterior: Tuscan Blue
  • Interior: Palomino Trim
  • Engine: 3.5L Rover V8
  • Transmission: 4-speed gearbox including optional overdrive
  • Body Style: 2-door
  • Chassis: A very early suffix ‘A’ chassis number suggests that this is one of the very early Range Rovers off the Land Rover production line

Vehicle History

ECV950K was originally supplied to Mr Chapman of Bodmin by Ranelagh Garage, St Austell on 19th July 1972, where it was regularly serviced until 1983 - after which it appeared to fall into a state of disrepair.

The vehicle was acquired by Matthew Young in 2006 where it awaited full restoration, however the fast pace of life has led to the project being shelved for a number of years and she has sat waiting patiently until the current day.

The Restoration – Week 1

Upon initial inspection the engine and gearbox appear to be in good condition, reflecting its regular documented service history. The chassis also seems to have remained solid.

The team have begun the restoration by stripping back all the major components including removing the engine, gearbox, seats and doors, to reveal the main shell in preparation for extensive welding to the footwells, sills and inner rear wings.

Consistent with Land Rover vehicles, most of the Range Rover's bodywork skin is constructed from lightweight aluminum, with the exception of the 2-section rear tailgate and the bonnet. A steel frame allows the Range Rover to carry much greater structural strength while retaining the corrosion-resistant and lightweight aluminum outer panels which could be easily replaced as the vehicle was put to work.

Even after a few days work the project is positively moving forward and we are looking forward to showing you the progress next week.

Restoration Update

This weeks work consisted of a lot of:

Having cut back to the bare bones, which gave us a clearer vision of the work needed to get the vehicle structurally sound again. An area of rust had effected the usual places including foot wells and sills.

It became apparent that there was also some work to do on the A-posts too.

  • Welding repairs were completed to driver and passenger foot well, complete replacement panels needed.
  • Repaired both A-post bottoms which had completely rusted through so that the bottom hinge of the door was in suspense, it was the only option to complete the structural repair.
  • Drivers side rear inner wing has been replaced, again badly effected by rust.
  • Repaired and replaced the inner and outer sill on the passenger side

Next week the aim is to get the body shell off and sent to our Bodyshop for paint, our Bodyshop team will be able to source the original heritage paint colour. The chassis will be sent off for sandblasting which will remove surface rust highlight any necessary repairs before painting.

See video to witness the Range Rover Classics first run in nine years.

The team at Roger Young have carried out an extensive restoration of the vehicle over the last year. It's nearly complete however we are still trying to locate some of the 'harder to find items' and requires some final commissioning.

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