Personal Contract Purchase

Take advantage of Land Rover’s high residual values to keep monthly payments down by deferring some of the credit owed until the end of the agreement. There are a number of final payment options too.


  • I would like to keep my monthly payments as low as possible.
  • I would like to choose how much I pay upfront (subject to a minimum).
  • I want flexibility at the end of my plan.
  • I want to help protect against an unexpected fall in used vehicle prices.
  • I like to drive the newest models.

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  1. Choose any new or used Land Rover up to three years old.
  2. You agree an initial deposit with your Land Rover retailer. A part-exchange may be used to support this deposit - please ask your retailer for more information.
  3. You then choose your agreement term (between 1-4 years) and your annual mileage.
  4. The retailer will then submit the application to Land Rover Financial Services.
  5. Land Rover Financial Services will calculate your vehicle's Predicted Value (PV) - this is their predicted value of your vehicle at the end of your agreement based on your agreed annual mileage and contract term.
  6. The deposit and PV are deducted from the price of your Land Rover. You then pay the remaining balance and interest, which is split into fixed monthly repayments for the length of your agreement. The PV plus a Purchase Fee then becomes your Optional Final Payment.


You have three options:

  1. Part-exchange – subject to settlement of your existing credit agreement, you can choose a new or used Land Rover from your Retailer and start a new credit agreement. New credit agreements are subject to status.
  2. Return – hand back your vehicle to Land Rover Financial Services without making your optional final payment. If the vehicle is in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and has not exceeded the maximum agreed mileage, you will have nothing to pay. If the vehicle has exceed the maximum agreed mileage a charge per excess mile will apply.
  3. Retain – pay the PV as your final lump sum, plus the Purchase Fee, and the title of the vehicle will be transferred into your name.


  • Land Rover Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is available for new or used vehicles (up to 3 years old).
  • The maximum mileage at the start of the agreement is 3,000 miles per month of the vehicles age or 60,000 miles (whichever is the lower). For example, a 1 year old vehicle could not have a recorded mileage exceeding 36,000 miles and a 2 year old vehicle must not have a recorded mileage above 60,000 miles.
  • Vehicles must be no more than 84 months old at the end of the agreement.
  • The maximum end of contract mileage must not exceed 143,000 miles. Maximum annual contracted mileage is 35,000 miles per annum.
  • Minimum contract term of 13 months, maximum contract term of 49 months.
  • A significant proportion of the total amount payable is deferred to the end of the agreement and you should prepare for this if you want to own the vehicle.
  • You will not own the vehicle until you have made all the payments including interest, after which you will own the vehicle outright.
  • You must have fully comprehensive insurance.
  • This plan is also available to business customers.
  • Credit is subject to status and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over.

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