Land Rovers first plug-in electric vehicle has been introduced to the Range Rover family. The wait is over for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

This is Land Rovers most innovative powertrain yet, with the combination of a petrol engine working with an electric motor it optimises fuel efficacy as well as saving its battery charge for later use, this is through the use of regenerative braking and parallel hybrid in which the driver has the option in which one they want to use, whilst still continuing to deliver the most advanced technology of today and the effortless performance and capability of a Range Rover you expect.

The topic many contemplate with the all-new P400e is the idea of an electric motor. A full Charge of the battery only offers 31 miles of range and the availability of distance worries several. However as Land Rover always do, a solution has come forward and the hybrid fulfils its expectations. The petrol engine works alongside and is utilised when the electric motor has lost power on longer journeys, automatically the conversion to the petrol engine takes place as it does so if greater acceleration is needed, therefore removing the anxiety of taking time out of your journey to find an electric charging point.

The expansion of choice in which you are able to charge the vehicle are second to none. With three main charging options, it caters for all portentous buyers. Home charging is available where only a domestic plug is needed to be used, with the time of 7.5 hours to reach full charge. This time can be shortened with the wall box and a multi-function cable, reducing the time to 2.75 hours to reach full charge, an interchangeable adapter with this cable allows you to travel abroad making those who travel or commute a lot more resourced for all places they intend to travel to. The final public charging cable allows you to charge to any AC charging stations where you can find at; motorway service stations, fuel stations or public car parks. Connect Pro and Zap Map allows you to access the locations of charging stations on your route.

With an eight year warranty on the electric vehicle batteries, low emissions especially on shorter journeys, low running costs and yet still the same optimum speed and efficiency of the range rover with the acceleration of 0-60mph in 6.3 seconds, this vehicle continuous to impress and make the Range Rover live up to its name.


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