Aaron McCraken was one of the ten top performing Jaguar Land Rover technicians who put their skills and expertise up against eachother to hold the title of being UK Technician of the Year.

The ten were split into half, 5 techcians from Jaguar and the other 5 from Land Rover. The 5 picked qualified from the skills and assessment day, after winning three rounds of qualifying quizzes, which weren't judged easily by the JLR judges who then determind who would make it through to the Global Everyday Challenge event in October.

The winners were announced by Phil Cannell, Technical Academy Manger from JLR Academy. Phil Cannell, went on to announce Aarons success awarding him second for the Jaguar Technician of the Year.

We spoke to Aaron with curiousity as to what tasks and assessments he had to carry out to earn his title.

"To qualify for the Technician of the Year final I had to come in the top 5 performing technicians accross UK. This involved 3 rounds of knowledge assessments then the top 5 technicians from Jaguar and top 5 from Land Rover were invited to the JLR Academy for a skills day, there were 5 tasks which tested each technicians practical skills. There were a range of faults, engine management, electrical diagnosis, chassis, security system, infotainment that all had to be diagnosed in 45 minutes, this included tidying up and writing paperwork. The day finished off with a presentation evening at the walton hall hotel where the technicians UK rankings were announced."

Everyone at Roger Young is so proud of Aaron and what he's achieved and his talents. We are so grateful that he's such a strong hard working member of the Roger Young team working along side a great team of technicians.


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