On Monday 30th April 70 years to the day since the original Land Rover’s 1948 unveiling, a global broadcast went live to mark the anniversary of such an event. Many of those who starred in the broadcast were Land Rover enthusiasts or had taken part with the evolution of the Land Rover family.

The opening scene reveals the first prototype 7 series one Land Rover to have ever been made, the broadcast goes on to show the 68 years of continuous development from the series one, series two, series three, 90, 110 and the final defender, this is then followed by a showroom of the utmost incredible Land Rovers.

The presenters give you a glimpse into the past of how Land Rover began as an agriculture vehicle and developed to being the world’s favourite 4x4. With more than 7 million sold, Land rover accommodated for everyone through the development over time, the technological advancements, and the engineering alterations which soon became well suited to many people.

You receive an insight of the life at Land Rover and exclusively invites you to see the establishment and design developments. You begin to understand what it really takes to make the vehicle you desire and love. You quickly begin to learn how much Land Rover has influenced society, through providing huge support all over the world. For over 40 years Land Rover has been supporting geographical societies through providing resources, education and fieldwork. 

Through the broadcast, you meet many special guests that have helped grow and establish Land Rover. The focus of the then today and tomorrow of Land Rover is strongly highlighted throughout this broadcast and is the key story line as to why it was aired.

Land Rover has to be top secret when working on the vehicles developments, even if that requires 24/7 guards around the development and testing buildings. It makes it an extraordinary experience in this broadcast to be able to explore what actually happens behind the doors of such high security buildings. You meet special individuals like Victoria Rothwell, who is a lead engineer, off road capability. Expertise such as herself are such dedicated individuals who bring a lot to making the vehicles the way they are now, making sure they really are the best of the best.

The continuous development of Land Rover never fails to impress. Land Rover has been for some time and still extremely committed in studying the autonomous self-driving capability of the vehicles, it is only a matter of time before we see a new evolution of the Land Rover Family.

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