Parabolic Equaliser

Improved Suspension, Reduced Noise, Reduced Wear, Enhanced Performance

With over 25 years experience Nugent Trailers has introduced its latest addition to Trailer Suspension, the Parabolic Equaliser. Although parabolic springs have had superior strength characteristics to other forms of suspension systems, trailer manufacturers have long been trying to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional parabolic spring suspension system.

Nugent Trailers has applied automotive design philosophy, to develop this innovative solution which utilises the extended load carrying capacity and durability of the Parabolic Spring Suspension. By inserting a secondary rubber damper between the chassis along with a unique pivot slipper plate, this creates an additional suspension element and ensures the springs are now fully engaged on both the compression and rebound cycle to cancel out vibration and drastically reduce suspension chatter. The Parabolic Equaliser with its additional damping affect, aids in reducing the stresses on the chassis, the body frame, tow couplings and limits shock waves that may be transmitted to the tow vehicle.

With Nugents unique Patented Parabolic Equaliser enhancing the Parabolic Spring Suspension, you have all the advantages of parabolics, but now with the additional benefits associated with suspension axles – all in one system!

Nugents known for innovation and durability, has taken the world of commercial and horse trailer suspension to a new dimension.

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